Getting Free Instagram Followers

Getting Free Instagram Followers


Getting instagram followers can be a real challenge in a market that seems to be dominated by fake accounts and people constantly leaving useless messages on your pictures. There are a number of websites that give some good advice on how to get free followers and a number of these tips really do work, however follow my profile gives actual decent advice that will help any user get and retain Instagram followers quickly.

Remember, getting followers is a hard task if you do not post anything interesting on Instagram, what is interesting to you in your day to day life may not be interesting to someone else looking at your page.

Try to do the legwork yourself before looking at how to get more followers, the basic stuff you can do quickly but it will take time. Make sure that you post every day to your page, and never more than twice a day, no one wants to follow a page that just spams their news feed. Keep your page about one specific category or a few specific things, people follow plane pages when they are about planes, joke pages when they contain jokes..and so on. If you have hobbies that you love, make your page about that, not about you. Keep the pictures artistic but not too complicated.

Make sure that you interact with other pages that do the same thing as yours, and comment under pictures asking others to take a look at your page. Research other pages that do exactly the same as what you want and will be doing (remember, you will not come up with an original page). Take inspiration from them, use their hashtags and try and follow their followers to get more attention.


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